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Kegels 101

Performing exercises on a muscle group that you cannot see and often (at least initially) cannot feel can be
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rwmj123 posted an update 6 days ago

Scared, sad, depressed. Just saw results of 14-core biopsy. Two cores have Gleason Score 7 and two of Score 6. Appt on Monday to discuss RP. I am only 59. My life will be horribly changed forever

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Sam Collins commented on the post, Glossary of Terms for Advanced Care Planning 1 week, 2 days ago

Thank you for all the good information. We should all prepare for death when we are healthy and have a clear mind. Death is a part of life for everyone of us. I have said that we should prepare for death because it is truly the last act of love to your families. When my mother died the only thing that we spent money on was the flowers that we…

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