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Will Jones

Will Jones
Will Jones is a retired high school English teacher and administrator, a career that included nine years as principal of San Luis Obispo High School. Will hopes sharing his experience will help prepare other men who may be diagnosed with the disease. Read more.

a man stands at the top of a mountain and is showered with confetti


As a high school principal for nine years, I had the pleasure of handing diplomas to, and sharing handshakes and

many people talking

Talk Helps

Over the years, I have met with therapists for a wide variety of reasons: to unlock childhood issues; to help



My wife, Melinda, and I met in late 1979 while working at the same restaurant in San Luis Obispo, California.

Treatment journey for prostate cancer patient

New Directions

While receiving physical therapy for problems with my cervical spine, I told my therapist about my recent laparoscopic prostate surgery,