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Discover Your Clinical Trial Options

The process of finding a clinical trial for prostate cancer can feel overwhelming to tackle, but connecting to clinical trials is now easier than ever. Whether it’s your first time looking or you’ve looked before, our new clinical trial finder is easy to use, easy to understand, and can connect you to clinical trials near you in just a few minutes.

Why clinical trials?

Clinical trials can offer access to the latest treatments, and help researchers to better understand prostate cancer and how to treat it. Prostate cancer research is continuously advancing and evolving. Participating in a clinical trial is one way to support and help further this research, while gaining access to new treatment opportunities in addition to standard treatments, complementary, and alternative therapies. No matter where you are in your treatment journey, clinical trials can offer the opportunity to explore new options and help current and future patients in the process.

Check out your prostate cancer clinical trial options

You may be wondering, “Is a clinical trial right for me?” It’s important to discuss treatment options, including the possibility of participating in a clinical trial, with one’s doctor or care team.

So go ahead; take the first step and check out your options:

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