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Hi SHarmonHolt. Wanted to follow-up and see how you are doing. Has anything changed concerning your status?

I also wanted to share with you a couple of additional comments from our Facebook page regarding your post.

“Larry Barthle I would not waste any extra time than necessary. Waiting unnecessary time give the chance of growth and spread.…

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Hi gummybear. As Rod said, it absolutely depends on the treatment your doctors have you on in determining how long the catheter is necessary. I did find this page from UCLA Health which goes into great detail on all things related to urinary catheterization:…

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What do you do if your wife isn’t interested in any intimacy? I had my prostatectomy over 2 years ago and we haven’t been intimate at all because we’re on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to intimacy and sex. I even suggested I give myself the injections. It sucks!!! I use a vibrator to get some relief! That sucks too!!!

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I have been battling an aggressive prostate cancer for the past 6+ years. While there is family support I have also found that a great way for me to overcome some parts of this difficult journey has been to get involved with support and education groups. Reaching out to others has been a great tool for me.

Today I meet monthly with men who…

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My business partner several years ago was having issues and thought it was prostate cancer. Much to his surprise he found they found tumor was on the outside of the prostate and was impacting urine flow. In his case he went to one of the better known cancer hospitals in NYC and was able to have it removed.

I would suggest that you will…

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Feeling down! A year ago had robotic surgery for stage 4 prostate cancer and after 1 year my PSA is at .02. Original PSA was .7 (4+3 I believe) and am 56 years old. All I read online is life expectancy is […]

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I never cease to be amazed at how people forget how much they knew and understood as children. Kids have a way finding things out – even the unspoken. I honestly believe children can pick-up on non-verbal cues better than most adults because their communications skills are still limited. Don’t get me wrong the instinct to protect one’s children…

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I love your attitude on being a cancer warrior. Way too many of us allow cancer to define us vs our taking charge.

It’s not an easy battle and I must admit to losing it from time to time. So i have decided its not about a win or loss of the individual battles its all about winning the emotional war and staying connected with living in the…

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Do agree Patrick Walsh’s book is one of the best. Early on with my own diagnosis a friend of mine who had just been operated on for prostate cancer had an extra copy of the book. He rang the door bell one evening and handed me the book and said pass it on to someone else who may need it in the future. Not only did i do so I also picked up an…

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Following learning the results of my biopsy also needed to go in for a bone scan. Laying on that table was scary as the scan went over me. When the scan finished the technician could tell I was a nervous wreck. As I was leaving she added ” while only your doctor can tell you the results of this test … you should really feel very comfortable…

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I did radiation a few years after surgery and also was on Lupron. Currently I am almost 2 years out and so far the PSA is 0.02. And yes it does take time for the radiation to work. Just met with the radiation oncologist 2 weeks ago and he is happy with the results so far.
My cancer was caught early and fully contained in the prostate at the…

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@Bigg, I wanted to check back in with you both to see how you’re doing and to share some comments we got on Facebook to your story here. In the post, we asked for advice & support.

“Get out and do something, volunteer, find a hobby. I have been in this fight for over 3 years. Just have to stay busy.” – Larry

“I’m in the same boat with y…