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Awareness Month 2019: Five Ways to Connect

It's too often assumed that prostate cancer patients don't need help and support. Our community members show that support every awareness month and every day of the year. For Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 2019, we're highlighting the stories of folks living with and after prostate cancer. We're also featuring ways to connect with others.

Five ways to connect

1. Do your homework (& win a prize!)

Through the 30th of September, enter for a chance to win a prostate cancer awareness package including a pair of books covering a range of prostate cancer experiences, original artwork from Doug Sparling's Cancer As Art series, and “Warrior” stickers. Extra entries are offered for submitting your prostate cancer story.

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A selection of books to be given away

2. Join the discussion

Ask a question and provide support in our community Q&As here. Participate in a forum here. Respond to someone's story here. Click on the question, forum, or story title and hit Comment or Reply to weigh in.

3. Spread the word online

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4. Share a story

Sharing a story on ProstateCancer.net is a great way to connect with others and let folks know they're not alone. We often share submitted stories to the Facebook community, which means your voice reaches even farther. You can submit a story by clicking here.

5. Talk to someone about prostate cancer

We may be online only, but sharing your story in person can have an even bigger impact. It puts a face to prostate cancer, and that's what this month is all about. Start conversations with your family, friends, and coworkers. Let them know that this is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month! Check out what events might be happening in your area by checking out the organizations listed here: Prostate Cancer Resources.

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