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Prostate Cancer Comics: Attending Doctor’s Appointments

There can be a lot of nerves and stress going into a doctor’s appointment for prostate cancer. Then add on top all of the information the doctor tells you. One way to help alleviate that anxiety is by asking a partner or trusted loved one to attend appointments with you. Plus it never hurts to have another set of eyes and ears present!

From being by your side during appointments to helping pick up your medication afterward, caregivers do it all.

This comic was created by Lucius Wisniewski, an illustrator and contributor for

Attending Medical Appointments 1
Attending Medical Appointments 2
Attending Medical Appointments 3
Attending Medical Appointments 4

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  • TheProstateCancerCoach moderator
    1 day ago

    I find it is better to have someone with me at the more critical medical appointments. When you are under stress or are anticipating some significant changes in treatment or medication its so easy to just miss stuff or only hear half of what was said. There is a big difference between listening and hearing and its so easy to hear without really understanding the meaning of what is being said.

    The other issue – it is so easy to be thinking about your questions that you are not focus on what is really being said.

    Also after you leave the office its nice have someone you can chat and reconfirm what was said. Dennis (prostate Moderator

  • TheProstateCancerCoach moderator
    1 week ago

    Having someone with you makes a lot of sense. In my own case that first appointment was blur. So glad i had my wife with me for many reasons. I probably missed more than half of what was said. Best to have a another set of ears and also great to have some emotional support when you leave

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