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two men embrace in front of a pride flag

Pride Month: Time to Talk About Gay Men’s Health & Prostate Cancer

There’s no way around it: prostate cancer affects gay men’s health. For Pride Month this June we’re creating a new place for men and their partners to openly talk about the life-changing effects of prostate cancer. Because the unique challenges of prostate cancer for gay/bisexual men and their partners aren’t always addressed in the support group or the doctor’s office…

Let’s talk about gay men’s health

We have a bunch of ways to find discussions with others. Here’s a few places you can start a conversation:

Discuss in the forums

Join our new forum on dealing with prostate cancer as a gay man.
Forum: For gay/bisexual men

Answer the Pride Month Q&A

Answer our Q&A about finding support as a gay man.
Q&A: Resources for gay/bisexual men

Share your story about prostate cancer

From advice and diagnosis journeys to recovery and survivorship, what would you tell others about your experience?
Submit a story


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