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A giant bandaid

Our Greatest Healing

It’s in our wounds where you find our greatest healing. Let’s start healing from prostate cancer. I am not only referring to physical healing but more of a spiritual healing as well. We all tend to hide our wounds very well; especially the ones that are sometimes internal.

How well do we cover up our wounds?

I have met plenty of people in my life that get the bad news that they have a serious illness like prostate cancer. They act as though everything is fine with them until you look deep into their eyes and all you see is a blank stare.

When you prepare for surgery, having something operated on, it’s obvious a wound is left. You may have a bandage and a dressing to change several times a day. Nevertheless, we can visually see the wound with our naked eye. The pain lets you know something has been taken out. Some people op for surgical procedures with prostate cancer, depending on age and doctor’s advice. We don’t cover that up so well on the inside with our emotions. Underneath the scar is a wound and an internal wound. It’s almost liked the scar is a reminder to you that this surgery took place. I know some people get shaken up by even looking at their scar. They want to cover it up so that the world can’t see it. My nephew who is in his 30s had open heart surgery as a child and it left him with a scar and deeply wounded. He never wants to wear shirts where his scar is visible, but also covers up his physical and spiritual wounds.

Take the band-aid off

I would like to suggest to all who have a scar to remember their wound. Take off the band-aid. It is better to deal with the spiritual wound than to pretend you’re not hurting or in pain. The only way the wound can heal is to uncover it. Talk about the pain, the scar, your internal feelings and fears and doubts. You will find out that you will heal quicker. I know a lot of times, blood scares people. They are squeamish; but can I tell you that blood flow is good because it allows healing. When the blood stops flowing, there’s no more healing. Yes, we may have to get cut sometimes, but there’s healing after that.

It’s time to heal

I look at cancer and it’s obvious many doesn’t understand it or how to deal with it. Prostate cancer is a disease, not a symptom. We need to treat it as such — like any other disease. We look to heal our bodies of it. Yes, there are many side effects that come along with it. Sharing your in-depth personal emotions is always a good thing and, by doing so, you can help others who may be hurting. If you keep the lid on it, you’re not helping yourself or anyone else.

An astounding end

I’ve discovered over my life that I had so many emotional scars that I needed to pull my band-aids off. When I realized they were like fresh wounds, I began pulling the band-aids off one at a time. I wasn’t healed, but it was a temporary fix. My healing process has begun and so can yours. Stop being frustrated with yourself and life. Heal on the outside and the inside and you will see a big transformation.

One of the good things about is that it’s a space and community that allows us to openly share our wounds with one another and not be judged for it. Come get your healing today.

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