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man holding care package filled with supplies

Yes, I Do Take Gifts

Chances are you know someone living with cancer. There’s an even greater chance you know someone suffering from prostate cancer. From what I understand there are over two hundred types of cancers out there. I’m sure we all know someone or has talked to someone who has had some type of cancer. If you don’t suffer from any of these diseases, then it can be hard to imagine what daily life is like. Let’s just simply say many sufferers face challenges and pain that non-sufferers can’t understand.

Show understanding and empathy

Small things like walking, putting on shoes, bathing, getting out of bed, and cooking can prove to be a difficult task. So, it’s important to show understanding and empathy for those who are constantly battling any type of illness like prostate cancer. What better way to show you care than to give a thoughtful gift to someone in your life who is managing their day-to-day with one of these stressful conditions. The whole purpose of gift giving is to show appreciation to the other person. Gifts that are given without thought to the recipient are more than likely going to be wasted or re-gifted anyway.

Gifts that make a difference

Sure, it’s easy to give someone a gift card to Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Target or even to a popular movie theater. However, when the disease gets you down and you must make watching what you eat and drink a priority, it can be hard to find something to enjoy when going out; if you can go out. Additionally, if you’re suffering from severe pain or urinating a lot using a gift card to a specific store can be hard when you don’t feel like leaving your bedroom. In these cases, mindful gift giving is much more appreciated and a more heartfelt gesture. Why not give the person you care about something that will improve their daily life or something they will enjoy using?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t give gift cards; I know they will be very appreciated, but the focal point of the gift should be on the person using it. This means that gift cards that have a broader use can be very helpful, like a food store cards or an Amazon gift card. To me, these cards help solve a problem and serve a purpose for those suffering from this disease. For example, they can use those cards for grocery delivery or any purpose they may want without having to leave the visit the actual store. But for those of you who want to take it a step further with the thoughtfulness, here’s a short list I put together for those who need an extra little TLC in the gift giving department:

  • Soothing Chemotherapy Gift Set — it could contain some cozy socks, queasy drops when you get nausea from your treatment, body wash, body lotion, chapstick, and lots of herbal teas
  • Few months of Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime
  • Heating pads or therapeutic items
  • Gift certificates for spa services, massages or salons
  • Cleaning service for my home or pay to have my lawn cut
  • Have my car washed and detailed
  • Prostate cancer friendly products
  • Electrical home products, gadgets or smart home tech like Amazon Echo

Giving your time

There are so many other ideas that don’t cost money but rather your time. These are just as equally and thoughtful as buying a gift. How about helping them do their laundry, cook some food, offer to run some errands for them or just offer your help in any way that may benefit the patient.

It doesn’t matter what occasion it is. You should always give a gift from the heart. The goal is to always give someone a gift that they can use and will appreciate. Thoughtful gift giving isn’t about the money, it’s about putting in the time and the thought behind what you’d like to give that special person.

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