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Seeing Prostate Cancer With 20/20 Vision

There are different levels of prostate cancer. When you hear the words advanced cancer, stay grounded because this could mean a range of things. Everyone's body responds differently to treatment and we need to figure out how to best care for our bodies. Take control over your diet, attitude, and try to stay in shape.

Try to focus on the positive

There is a 20/20 vision rule. I like to say that our eyesight vision should always be 20/20. You need to see yourself through the chemo or radiation. This disease can take a toll on your physical health; fight back. The body can be weak, it needs strength to keep moving forward. Allow your vision to see your strength. Self-care will put you in a better frame of mind.

How can we prepare our loved ones?

How do we prepare our loved ones for this news that you are in the advanced stage of prostate cancer? We keep them in the loop and allow them to be a part of this process. Many times loved ones feel shut out and isolated. We want to have our oncologist keep you and your loved one informed of any changes.

Many times, one treatment may not be working. It is always good to be prepared to try a new treatment that your doctor finds necessary. Prepare to have visitors of people who love you and want to visit you. You have the choice to have whomever you choose to visit you. We have rights as a patient. We must be proactive in every process of this. Preparation is key to your health and to have all your affairs in order.

Working with our treatments

We can have the understanding your treatment is designed to help you. Working with your healthcare team is important. We need to eat right even in advanced stages. Healing needs to take place.

What do you need to help your body heal? You are responsible for your health journey. You and you are the first ones that know what needs to be done. Healing is our main outcome. Take care of everything in your life. Keep your appointments and have an excellent support system.

Our bodies are made to heal itself. Take care of your overall health; it can make a difference in our treatment's outcome. There is power in healing and we are to be walking in healing.

Seeing yourself healed

It’s going to be hard to talk to someone who hasn’t been down this road with you. They are not going to understand the treatments or what this disease is doing to your body. My father talks to a “higher being”.

Allow your 20/20 to see you through the end of your treatments. Rest is restoration for your body, many times, patients want to beat themselves up. Love yourself is key to good treatment. You need a time of peace and serenity. All these things are good for you, whatever stage you are in. Knowledge is power; the more knowledge you have about your treatment the better it will work for your healing.

It doesn't matter the stage of your cancer; we need the proper treatment for our health to get better. Research has shown us that support group settings will help reduce anxiety and stress. You don’t have to do this alone.

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