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Listen to Your Mother

I had the pleasure of having both my sons come visit me on Mother’s Day this year. They are 41 and 42. I have talked to them a couple of times about being tested for prostate cancer, but they still haven’t. Their grandfather got it at age 72. He is now 85, but this does not scare them into getting tested. I asked them if they could give me some reasons behind why they won’t and this is what they told me.

Why aren’t you getting tested?

  • Only one person has had it in our family for a hundred years and he was old when he got it. I tried to explain to them; so now we have a family history of it.
  • They both said that if they get; they get it. They don’t want to know. They figure that finding out they have cancer changes their lifestyle.
  • Aint nobody got time for this!!! They just want to live their lives. I told them it is a test that doesn’t hurt. I explain to them that early detection is the key.
  • They both believe they will be used as guinea pigs for studies. I tried to put them at ease that it’s not like that. They need to find a doctor they trust and talk to the doctor about your concerns.
  • Suppose I do have it; how am I supposed to tell my family? Your family would rather have you alive than dead. They will understand.
  • My manhood would be gone forever. If you catch this early, you won’t have to worry about that.
  • Neither one of them want to know if they have it or not. I tried to explain that everyone is scared to know, but once you know there is tons of help there.
  • I don’t have any symptoms. You could have unknown signs such as difficulty urinating or blood in the urine or back and hip pain.

No time for excuses

Young men listen up. Have your annual physical exam by the age of 40. Talk to your doctor about your prostate health and learn all you can about this disease.

If you get a bad diagnosis, it will be difficult to handle the doubts about what’s in store for you. Try and stay positive, keep your mind on staying healthy and fighting this. Try to laugh. It will help you feel better about yourself and others around you.

Be your own advocate

Make sure to eat healthily. Less red meat and more fruits and vegetables. Try to stay in shape. Exercise does have its benefits. It can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Physical movement does matter. It can reduce the danger of prostate cancer. You have to be your own best advocate. There are a lot of things in life that you can put off, but not getting tested for prostate cancer is not one of them. It all boils down to how much do you really loved yourself.

Here is some food for thought. Young men have been diagnosed with prostate cancer has increased 6-fold in the last 2 decades and it is more aggressive in them. So, I say to my sons the only gift your mother wants for Mother’s Day is for you both to go get your prostate exam.

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  • kenneth1955
    5 months ago

    Mom. I know you are worried about your sons but you are thinking like a Mother. I believe in listening to my Mother I wish she was still here but they have there own life to live. If they have a problem they will go to a Urologist and see what is wrong. What about there sex life or if they still want to have another child ( My father was 41 when I was born ) If they have anything done that would never happen. Your They just what to live there life and not worry about if they do. For now they are living the life they want. You just still have to love them and they do love you even if they do not listen to you on this matter….Ken

  • Richard Faust moderator
    5 months ago

    Thanks for this article Diane. It is an important message. Most people don’t think about the fact that when one makes a choice to do nothing, they still have made a choice. My wife Kelly writes for our sister-site for rheumatoid arthritis and one of the contributors there wrote this article on getting a diagnosis and noted “That an RA diagnosis is not the end of the world. It’s an opportunity to make things better:” One could just as easily substitute prostate cancer for RA in this quote. Hoping you get that Mother’s Day gift. Best, Richard ( Team)

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