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It’s the 1 Year Anniversary of!

It’s the 1 Year Anniversary of!

December marks the 1 year anniversary of! In celebration of 1 year full of meaningful conversations, insightful articles, and one amazing community – we want to share some of the highlights from the past year and give a big thank you to all our members and advocates.

The painful truth

We’ve had some difficult conversations about the harsh realities of prostate cancer:

“I just hate this waiting until the next procedure…hate doing this alone.”

“I have been sitting here reading all the posts and feel so sorry for the loss of life due to prostate cancer! God bless each and every one of you!”

“Do what is best for you. We are all different. My things may never happen to you. For that I will pray for you.”

Simon Lord: The Things They Don’t Tell You About Prostate Cancer
Community Story: To Cancer Professionals: Know What It’s Really Like

Words of faith and determination

You’ve shared words of encouragement and support to others who are dealing with this disease:

“Work hard, help where you can, and don’t give up on yourself no matter what comes at you.”

“I hear you. It is damn difficult to do this alone. I share your concerns of finding another relationship…there are wonderful people out there. We just have to maintain and open heart and find each other.”

“The road is not easy and it is a journey no one chooses. If my husband can hang tough and maintain a positive attitude, then so can I.”

Todd Seals: The Power Of Hope
Will Jones: Recovery Road
Community Story: Trusting in God

Finding reasons to laugh

Jokes at prostate cancer’s expense aren’t for everyone, but you’ve found reasons to laugh despite prostate cancer:

“Prostate cancer didn’t kill me. Thought my wife might after getting the bill…”

“When they started checking me I had more fingers up my butt than a $3 hooker”

“They shoved a baseball bat up there and fired an air rifle six times to get the samples while I prayed out loud to God…but they gave me a piece of candy for being a good boy!”

Al DiPierno: The Power of Positive Thinking
Community Story: The Roller Coaster Ride of Prostate Cancer

In solidarity

No matter where you are in your fight against prostate cancer, you’ve stood together:

“I encourage positive feedback to the network, let’s all work together to defeat the monster!”

“You are not alone by a long shot. You have lots of brothers going through the same thing with you. We have a support group through each other.”

“Brave soul, brave heart, take care.”

Len Smith: Letter to My Veteran Sisters and Brothers
Q&A: Do you get “scanxiety?”

A letter to the community…

Dear Community,

It’s hard to believe began just one year ago. As the site managers for, we’ve seen this group grow above and beyond what we alone could ever provide. For that, we thank our community members and our team of authors and moderators, who give voice to what it’s like to live with/after their prostate cancer.

If we’ve learned one thing, it’s that survivors and those living with prostate cancer are ready, willing, and able to be advocates for one another, given an opportunity. Their voices of experience send the message to others that they’re not alone. The community said it best: “I appreciate the other members of this group who share their experiences giving me and others a camaraderie as we fight against prostate cancer.”

Thank you for an incredible year one!

Your Site Managers,
Nina + Shayna


  • Doug Sparling moderator
    8 months ago

    Happy Anniversary! And thank you @ninaw and @shaynahu. I look forward to a new year with – Doug, Team

  • Will Jones moderator
    8 months ago

    Thank you for the recap and celebration, and for the opportunity to be a member of the wonderful community.

  • ninaw moderator
    8 months ago

    We’re very glad to have you, @Will-Jones! Thank you for your openness and support for the community. Looking forward to what the future will bring. – Nina, Team

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