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A man with prostate cancer undergoing hormone therapy

Prostate Cancer Spotlight: Raymond

For Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, community member Raymond talks about his experience being diagnosed with Stage III prostate cancer and the treatments he’s been through.

How does advanced prostate cancer side effects differ from earlier stage?


After the initial diagnosis of prostate cancer and treatment, I thought the cancer had been fully eradicated from my body. It’s true that my anniversary date brought along with it a certain anxiety, but I made it through still believing I was free of PC. But two months later when I had another PSA test, my doctor called me and said “we have a problem” that would require Lupron and just a few radiation treatments (33). Stage III advanced PC. This left me in shock.

For me, advanced prostate cancer made PC scarier. I’m always wondering what’s next. It is mentally draining and is much harder on my body to recover from treatment. But I am still alive.

How did you tell your family and loved ones about your diagnosis?


I told my family that my little buddy (PC) had popped back up again. I advised them of the statistics of those who have radical prostatectomy having a recurrence (which I garnered from and said it shouldn’t be big deal, so they took it very well. Little did I know this was a big understatement on my part; this was a deal that requires a lot of understanding and support; mostly mentally, but on certain days emotionally and physically as well.

What kind of support is needed for advanced cancer survivors? What helped you through it all?


I know that in my case, friends, family, and God is my biggest support. I have also found a place where I can go to share with others who have walked in my shoes. If we look around, someone has always already been where we are (though each journey different) and can share words of encouragement to those who follow.

I have also had the benefit of having a urologist who has PC. Though this makes him unsympathetic at times, he still can talk with experience.

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