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Get Talking: Side Effect Frustrations

While prostate cancer itself can have few symptoms, the cancer's treatment side effects are often the worst part for many men. Regardless of the stage or treatment path, there can be a complicated combination of both symptoms and side effects to manage. Community members often mention that doctors don't warn them about the worst side effects. We've collected some ways to get the word out about the side effects you're dealing with, and connect with others going through the same.

Brain fog

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Have you experienced any memory problems since starting your treatment?

Cognitive side effects are a big topic in the community. "Brain fog" or "cog fog" are common names for this frustrating cloudy-minded state. Want to talk cognitive side effects? There's a forum for that! Add your own comment or question, or see what others have to say.
Visit side effects forums here.


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How has prostate cancer affected your energy levels?

Fatigue has affected most community members at one time or another. Frustrated by fatigue? Doug already got the conversation going. Add your answer and see what he had to say.
Check out our Q&A on tiredness and fatigue here.

Sexual health

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How long have you been dealing with ED?

Erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual ability/desire regularly top the list of most frustrating, and even traumatizing, side effects of prostate cancer.
Visit the All Things ED forum here.


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How long have you dealt with prostate cancer related incontinence issues?

Right up there with ED are the incontinence issues associated with various prostate cancer treatments. Like sexual issues, these side effects can affect not only one’s physical health but also make it harder to be social and confident.
Visit the Incontinence and Bladder Issues forum here.

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Have you experienced side effects from androgen deprivation therapy (ADT)?