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World Cancer Day 2019

World Cancer Day 2019

February 4 is World Cancer Day! Sponsored by the Union for International Cancer Control, World Cancer Day is a global initiative to raise awareness, encourage prevention, and fight for greater access to life-saving diagnostic tools and cancer treatments around the world. This year’s theme is #IAmAndIWill, encouraging a personal commitment to accelerate progress and reduce the impact of cancer all around you.

Our community joins the conversation

We asked our advocates and our team to share what #IAmAndIWill means to them.

Prostate Cancer Advocates Erin and Will Advocates Erin Glace (left) and Will Jones (right)

Erin is a pelvic floor physical therapist who helps men with their recovery from prostate cancer surgery. To read more about Erin, click here! Will was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017 and has since dedicated his time to spreading awareness and supporting others with this disease. To read more about Will, click here!

Health Union Oncology Site Leads

Health Union Oncology Site Leads: (top) Margot, Shayna, Pam, Anthony, Marcia, Nina, Alina (bottom) Bridget, Sarah

Get involved

Share your experience as a patient, caregiver, or advocate.

Pass on what you’ve learned with the community or ask your own question.

Get or give support in our forums.

Spread the word on social media

Use the hashtag #IAmAndIWill and #WorldCancerDay in your posts about World Cancer Day!