By Editorial Team - February 16, 2018
Osteoporosis, it doesn’t just affect women. Men with prostate cancer may need to be on the lookout for this as well. More than 50 million Americans either have osteoporosis or are at... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - February 7, 2018
Following a prostate cancer diagnosis, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Between understanding your Gleason score, learning about cancer staging, and researching different treatment options, you may feel like you have a lot... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - February 4, 2018
Did you know February 4th is World Cancer Day? This day unites the world’s population in the fight against cancer. This year’s World Cancer Day theme is ‘We can. I can.’ And... READ MORE

By Will Jones - February 2, 2018
As I wrote previously, there is a difference between aging and getting old. Already under treatment for coronary artery disease, and now with a prostate cancer diagnosis, at sixty-nine which category am... READ MORE

By Len Smith - January 12, 2018
It is now late afternoon on 6/5/13, and I’m in my hospital room at Penn with the mandatory catheter implanted in me. About the only positive I can think of about having... READ MORE

By Nick Myers - January 10, 2018
Did you know guys can also perform Kegel exercise? I’d guess no. Most people tend to relate Kegel exercises with giving birth and ‘other’ exercises women perform to strengthen their pelvic floor.... READ MORE

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