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Anyone have thoughts on role of exercise following prostate surgery or radiation?

I hear a lot about diet suggestions when you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer such as avoid red meat and watch sugar intake. Have not see a lot on the impact if any exercise can play on so many levels. Love to hear what others are saying/finding. Personally picked up a Fitbit and have been tracking steps and sleep patterns all eye-opening

Community Answers
  • Dennis Golden moderator author
    1 month ago

    Hi Rich … I did put on weight with the Lupron especially on my hips and butt. I went from 167 lbs to 187lbs in a a few months and found it hard to lose. I cut back on exercise when I was undergoing radiation as I did not have the energy or motivation.The best personal advice was to really focus on a healthy diet and push the exercise as much as you can and are comfortable doing.

    As the Lupron wore off so did my weight. In fact it came off fast. I am now back to 174 and hope to get the rest off. If it will help check out the video diary on my radiation/Lupron treatment on
    … Dennis (prostate Team)

  • richradct
    2 months ago

    Hi Dennis,

    I’ve struggled with exercise and weight for most of my life. Actually before diagnosis this past May, I had been in a pattern of more regular gym attendance and food plan that lead to some weight loss and feeling better.

    I’m a nervous eater so diagnosis lead to a bit of weight gain, but I continued with more gym attendance.

    Now that I am starting radiation/androgen deprivation therapy and hear the side effects are lethargy and weight gain (especially in my problem area … the belly) I am seeing this as one way I can fight cancer by pushing through and work harder in this area… (even if the medications prevent getting the “normal results” from all the work).

    I, personally have to move from focusing solely on what my body looks like or what the scale says, to just seeing that each workout or healthy meal is a success and important in the whole process.

    Thanks for posting! Now I have to stop procrastinating and go to the gym this morning!


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