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Can the prostate be too big to remove?

Community Question: Has anyone heard of the prostate being so big that it can’t safely be removed surgically?

Community Answers
  • sarah.wallin moderator
    1 year ago

    We shared this Q&A on Facebook and got a helpful answer from Vicky: “Yes, because then you’re trying to work around other bones and such, which may get in the way.”

    Thanks for chiming in with your experience!

    -Sarah ( Team Member)

  • JoeMurphy
    1 year ago

    Yes that my life radiation

  • sarah.wallin moderator
    1 year ago

    JoeMurphy, Sorry to hear of the difficulty to remove your prostate and that your life is radiation. Thanks for weighing in. This is helpful to the community member who asked. -Sarah ( Team Member)

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