Did anyone go through a lot of tests before getting a clear diagnosis?

My uncle had an MRI on his prostate that showed two areas his doctor was slightly concerned about. On a scale of 1-5 (1 low probability of cancer and 5 high), he gave him a 3 and suggested a targeted biopsy.

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  • ninaw moderator
    1 week ago

    Thank you @Tnewman and @Will-Jones for sharing your answers. The more perspectives the better in situations like this! Glad you’re here to support. – Nina, ProstateCancer.net Team

  • Will Jones moderator
    1 week ago

    I had two PSA tests prior to my biopsy. Both times my PSA was around a 7. My biopsy included 12 core samples. Cancer was found in 10 of them. My Gleason was a 3+3. I chose active surveillance but after three additional PSA tests, I chose surgery when my PSA went up to 8.3. I went 13 months between diagnosis and surgery. I’m eight weeks into my recovery. My PSA is now 0.014 as of my last test.

  • Tnewman
    1 week ago

    In one year I had 5 PSA test, two MRI’s, two biopsies, one was 12 cores and the other was 18 cores. I had a Confirm MDx test of the cores of the first biopsy that showed the presence of cancer. Of the thirty biopsies, I had only one core in the second biopsy that had cancer a 3+3 Gleason score, about 6 other cores had HGpin cells or ASAP cells. Those cells often turn to cancer. The doctor wanted to do another set of biopsies and I said no and had my prostate removed with the DaVinci robot. The pathology after the removal showed a Gleason of 4+3. I did the right thing removing it.

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