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September Is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month!

Whether you’re tackling the mental, emotional, or physical challenges of prostate cancer, you’re stronger with others by your side. This month, we’re sharing ways to support each other in the struggle to live with or after prostate cancer. Keep reading to find special awareness month opportunities and ways to connect.

Enter to win

Through the 24th of September, you can enter to win a prostate cancer awareness month package including the t-shirt pictured below. Enter here!

Prostate Cancer T-Shirt Giveaway

Join the discussion

Each week, we’re featuring a different community discussion and community member’s story. Click on a topic to weigh in. Read and comment on stories below, or submit your own here.

Featured topics

  • Week 1: DiagnosisWhat was diagnosis like for you?
  • Week 2: Side EffectsWhat side effects are the worst and how do you handle them?
  • Week 3: RelationshipsHow has prostate cancer changed your relationships?
  • Week 4: HopeWhat gives you hope when you feel like giving up?

Featured stories


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To all those living with prostate cancer and their loved ones, here’s to a month of sharing information and support! – Team