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a man scratches his head with his mustache

How to Get Ready for Movember 2019

Let’s face it — there’s less activism for prostate cancer than for other conditions and cancers. And it’s no secret that many men don’t talk about their physical or emotional health as much as they should.

The Movember mission

Movember is a mission to empower men to speak up and create their own movements for awareness. It’s a time to talk about issues that affect men across their lifetime, specifically testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental illness and suicide prevention.

Have you ever celebrated Movember? Below are five ways to engage throughout the month!

#1 Share a story

Submit a post based on Movember’s themes here.

#2 Support others

Participate in community conversations and reply to community members looking for help or feedback here.

#3 Answer questions

Help us answer questions from community members, or ask your own here.

#4 Join a Movember event or fundraiser

Search for events near you on Movember’s website here or learn how to start your own here.

#5 Participate in one of Movember’s challenges

Happy Movember-ing and be sure to keep us updated on your efforts in the comments!