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18 Months After a Prostatectomy

Never had a bad PSA, just an enlarged prostate that I was being medicated for.
I asked my urologist for a TURP procedure (prostate scraping) and had it done in May of 2016
On the 5 week follow up from the operation I told my urologist that I was still bleeding, that I could still feel some pain and that there seemed to to be some swelling.
He replied yes that is to be expected seeing that I had a Gleason reading of 7 from the biopsy during my Turp procedure and that the cancer was preventing healing.
He then suggested a radical prostatectomy which I had done in July of 2016.
Yes, most of the stuff you hear about after a prostatectomy is true: ed, penile shrinkage (they remove a section of my urethra that looked like hamburger after the TURP) and incontinence which is getting a lot better with time.
I have had 3 PSAs done since my operation 1 every six months and they have been below .08 and I count my self lucky that it could have been worse.

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  • JoeMurphy
    2 years ago

    Things we’ll get better. It takes time . Have a great day.

  • RonHarvey author
    2 years ago

    Thank you for your support

  • JoeMurphy
    2 years ago

    We need to stick together and spread the word . Have a good day 😄

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