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Continue AS or Treatment?

I was diagnosed 4 yrs ago with prostate cancer. Biopsy showed one core at 20% with a Gleason 6. PSA was 4.5. Biopsy following year was almost identical. 3rd yr biopsy showed same core at 20% and one additional core on other side at 5%. Both still Gleason 6. Last biopsy showed one core at 5% and one core at 10 % both Gleason 6 but PSA has risen to 8.2. Due to rise in PSA urologist is now suggesting I start looking at what type of treatment I want.

Question I have is: going into treatment on PSA rise only while still at Gleason 6? This doesn’t sound like progression to me. Anyone have any input?

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  • Tnewman
    1 year ago

    Have you had a MRI ? There is a process called UroNav where the MRI is mirrored to the ultra sound during the biopsy and that will give the doctor direction for targeting the biopsies. I had this done . My last MRI was scaled at three (indeterminate) and the doctor wanted to do another biopsy. I decided to have mine removed. The anxiety is too much. I was diagnosed with a PSA of 7 and my last PSA was 3.6. That is confusing. I had 30 biopsies cores and only one core of Gleason 6 with a 5%. I also have a brother that was diagnosed a month before me that is Stage 4 and that is hard to watch. It is so hard to find peace with this disease but I hope you can.

  • ninaw moderator
    1 year ago

    @danb, you are at a very familiar place in the course of dealing with prostate cancer. I wish there were easier answers. One suggestion I have is to possibly seek a second opinion. This doesn’t mean abandoning your current urologist, but adding input to help you weigh the pros and cons.

    Wanted to share this article from Will Jones: While everyone’s reasoning and response to treatment is different, it may be helpful to hear from someone who was in the same place.

    Let us know as you progress with research and decisions! – Nina, Team

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