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Caregiver to Prostate Cancer Patient

My long time partner had Prostate Cancer in 2005 and had Radical Surgery. In February of 2015 he was diagnosed with Cancer in his Spine, Left Arm, and Stage 4 Lung Cancer. He had 6 weeks of Radiation, 10 months of Chemo and had been on Opdivo for 15 months. The Cancer is gone from his Spine and Arm. Opdivo infusions are keeping his Lung Cancer from spreading.

This had been a long journey, but our life is very good.

In June I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer with a Gleason score of 7,
(4 + 3). My PSA was 12.6 and is now 17.01.

I started Hormone Therapy on July 25th with my first Lupron Injection. I will have another Injection on August 22nd. I have not had any side effects thus far.

I met with my Urologist, plus two Cancer Specialists. I had Fiducial Markers and Space Oar last Friday.

I will begin 39 Proton Radiation Treatments around Sept. 4th.

I understand the meaning of good days and bad, but together we will face this head on.
My prayer is that I will be strong enough to continue to be my partner’s main Caregiver and Supporter!

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  • Boxers32 author
    1 year ago

    Dear Nina,
    Thank you for your comments. My Partner and I are both doing well. He had to take a 3 month break from his Opdivo infusions because of elevations in his liver enzymes. They are now back to normal levels. Hopefully the Cancer Dr. will resume his Opdivo infusions this Wednesday. He has these infusions every other week.
    I am doing well and I start Proton Radiation on Tuesday. I will have a total of 39 treatments. I am very thankful that these treatments are available in my area. We live three minutes from the Proton Center.
    I really appreciate this site!
    Thank You

  • ninaw moderator
    1 year ago

    Glad to hear you don’t have to travel far, @Boxers32. And I hope your partner gets back to his treatments soon. Very happy that this site can be helpful to you! – Nina, Team

  • ninaw moderator
    1 year ago

    @Boxers32, you’ve been through so much as a couple. I hope you also have support from friends, loved ones and even support groups to be supporters for you both. I imagine you’ll be preparing for proton radiation now. Wishing you luck with this next treatment, and I hope you’ll continue to share from the unique perspective of a caregiver and survivor! This is a great place to look for ways to connect: – Nina, Team

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