Reindeer Named Cancer

Diagnosis and treatment begins

PSA was slowly ascending at the same time I had urodynamics for voiding concerns – or was it early signs of prostate cancer masquerading as an overactive bladder It (cancer) was suspected but low PSA fooled us all. PSA continued to rise until it pole vaulted over 4.0 landing hard. It climbed to 5.34 when the decision was made to perform a biopsy revealing 12/12 cancer cores, some aggressive, T2C, 4+3. I opted for nerve sparing robotic surgery at first available opening. Recovery was painless but bladder took professional therapy for months, and ED is a remaining concern with marginal improvement for that arena of our life.

Entering round two

Seventeen months later PSA increased, six months later doubled, and three months doubled again raising red flags of urgency and a visit to onc rad (oncology radiation) where treatment begins in two days. Already the ED problem was fixed thanks to Casodex and Lupron hormone therapy initiated two weeks ago. (Be advised the Lupron injection hurts like the Devil for at least a week following the injection, and I do mean H U R T.)

By my side

My wife has been incredibly understanding by my side every step of the way sharing the emotions of joy and pain. She endures my MS, multiple spine surgeries, and now recurrent cancer. Before we received the official diagnosis I told her what this means and its consequences. At that statement of truth and fact she cried and that tore me apart to see her in tears running down her soft cheeks, tears of sadness, feeling so helpless. This is cancer, I told her. We have to deal with it.

My power chair is my constant companion as is my wife who provides full time adult care as we experience countless blessings every day during this journey through uncertain times.

Tomorrow might bring us something new. What will it be this time?

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