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Unexplained Pain

Having pain in the pelvic cavity after robotic removal of prostate one year ago. Was off of pain meds (Gabapentin) and fully continent after four months and was encouraged to start radiation. Also, was given a Lupron shot. My PSA was 1.77 after surgery and then 0 less than 1 in two tests before radiation. Was still told I needed radiation and after 6 doses I had severe pain and some leakage. Have been back on Gabapentin 2400 ml daily which gives some relief and allows me to do the Kegels needed to get back to being continent again. Have had many tests all negative. Nerve damage seems to be the only logical answer to the pain. Would like any info about my problem!!!

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  • BrianM.Green moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi @baseman, It sounds like you’ve discussed the pain you’re experiencing with your doctor, which is good. Nerve damage can result from radiation therapy and sometimes those symptoms are delayed after your radiation treatment. Usually, your healthcare provider will call this neuropathy. In addition to pain medication, some people find relief from Vitamin B12 and other B vitamins. Others find relief from massage, acupuncture, or relaxation exercises (see linked article).

    Is the pain concentrated in your pelvic area only? The Kegels, as you note, will strengthen your pelvic muscles, and will be helpful if you are able to do them. Has your healthcare provider suggested any other ways to manage your pain? Let us know how you make out. -Brian ( team)

  • popduker
    10 months ago

    Thank you for your reply, I don’t know my PSA yet, it’s been 6 weeks since the removal and don’t see surgeon until end of November. The pain in pelvic area isn’t bad enough for pain meds but was concerned if this was normal.

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