Uncle with Unknown Test Results

My favorite uncle has been fortunate to have pretty good health into his late 60s. At his most recent annual exam, his PSA score was a 5.7. He was told to return again in a few weeks and the PSA score went down to a 2.3.

To be cautious, his doctor ordered an MRI on his prostate. After reviewing the results, the doctor told him there are two “areas” that should be looked at further. On a scale of 1-5, 1 being very low probability of a problem, 5 being high probability of a problem, he gave him a 3. In other words, who knows?

So the doctor recommended my uncle to a specialist to talk about a possible targeted biopsy. He had some travel for work so hasn’t rushed to get that scheduled.

He emailed me: “So just a lot more of the same: tests that say maybe there’s a problem, and maybe not. Kinda frustrating, but I guess that’s better than having the doc look at the test and say “holy s#%&!”

I’m wondering if anyone else had to go through a lot of tests before receiving a clear diagnosis of prostate cancer. Any help is much appreciated!

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