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Do you celebrate awareness month?

  • By Stack

    I am looking forward to the increased awareness of the severity of Prostate Cancer. For the last 3+ years I have provided at Public Service Announcement for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA of PSA) to men and women that I meet during the day (the 9th or 18th hole on a golf course is the usual location). In many cases I have been disappointed on the number of 40+ year old men that have no idea what I was talking about. However, at the end of the PSA they at least understand that there is something that they could/should consider at their next medical physical appointment. In several cases I reached a better understanding with the wives.

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    • By ninaw Keymaster

      Sounds like a great way to get the word out, @stack. You’re a one man PSA PSA! Those one on one conversations make a big difference. Even though they might not be enthusiastic at the time, I find that it does soak in and come to top of mind once an appointment comes around. Interesting that wives are more receptive. Maybe having that distance helps, as well as perhaps being more often responsible for the family healthcare scheduling. Keep up the advocacy – things may slowly but surely change! – Nina, Team

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