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Humor & Laughter

  • By ninaw Keymaster

    Does humor help you cope with your diagnosis? What are your favorite quips and one-liners?

  • By Oriole00

    I don’t have any quips or one liners but humor did get me through the time of diagnosis to surgery. My boss and I joked pretty good about the cancer.
    I have another co-worker that has gone through a heck of a lot more than me and we are brutally honest with each other. We both joke around with each other options pretty hard. We both agree that laughter helps our minds stay away from the negative thoughts of our predicaments.
    So far, my PSA is at a non detectable level for 9 months now. I am so glad to be on the top side of the grass I walk on.

  • By Will Jones Moderator

    I have a few friends who have had prostate cancer and most of my closest friends are 70+. We are an irreverent bunch, which means humor is a constant in our conversations. Laughing at ourselves and our variations conditions is one way we maintain our sanity. Our Saturday morning coffee meetings are not for the faint of heart or the thin skinned. None of us is in denial of the ultimate reality, which is the title of Jim Morrison’s autobiography: “No One Gets Out of Here Alive.” Our favorite line, first spoken by a friend who practices Buddhism, is “We are all decaying on schedule.” May not sound funny, but it always gets a laugh. Another good line, when we’re talking about our health challenges, is “Whatever happened to who got lucky on Saturday night?” And, of course, for the hearing impaired, “Huh?” Will Jones Moderator