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General Discussions

Was I diagnosed in time?

  • By TomC.

    Now I wonder if my urologist should have acted more quickly. My PSA had always been very low, then started rising fairly rapidly about a year ago. He said it was interesting and scheduled a repeat in 6 months, which was even higher. When I asked about it, he said he would test it once more in 6 more months. Now, a year later, he finally did a biopsy, and I have a Gleason score of 7. Would I have been better off if he had done the biopsy sooner? I’m scheduled for scans in about a month so time is dragging on.

  • By ninaw Keymaster

    Hi @tomc, this is a good question and one I’m sure others have encountered as well. It goes both ways, was the doc aggressive enough, or were they too aggressive? From what community members have said, a Gleason 7 can be quite treatable. I hope you see results and information soon, so you can decide how best to move forward. Please check back anytime on your progress. – Nina, Team

  • By Tnewman

    Was your Gleason score a 4+3 or a 3+4? A 4+3 can forbode a more aggressive cancer.