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  • Not sure what to do?

    I am 61 with an elevating PSA. 2 years ago my PSA was 5.0, it continues to elevate to now 9.5. Here lies the problem. In that time period I have had 2 prostate biopsies. Both totally negative.
    Should I just be thankful it remains negative and relax, or is there something truly wrong.
    Just wondering what else to do. Thanks for all the help. Dave

    Starting Conversations: Advanced Directives

    Starting conversations about end of life care can be very difficult. When is the right time to start that conversation? Who do we start the conversation with? What are the next steps after a conversation? Hearing about others experience with these talks can be helpful. Share your thoughts or ask a question below:

    Do you participate in Movember?

    Tis the season for talking about men’s health, and prostate cancer in particular. Are you growing a stache? If you can’t, are you doing something else to mark Movember? If you’ve got any pictures to share, email them to us at We’ll share them at the end of the month!

    Was I diagnosed in time?

    Now I wonder if my urologist should have acted more quickly. My PSA had always been very low, then started rising fairly rapidly about a year ago. He said it was interesting and scheduled a repeat in 6 months, which was even higher. When I asked about it, he said he would test it once more in 6 more months. Now, a year later, he finally did a biopsy, and I have a Gleason score of 7. Would I have been better off if he had done the biopsy sooner? I’m scheduled for scans in about a month so time is dragging on.

    Treatment Experiences

    Treatment choices are very personal and the result of hundreds of important considerations. Share your experiences with prostate cancer treatment.


    We’ve been hearing a lot about goal setting in our community. A lot of guys use goals to stay motivated and positive. This forum is for sharing goals and checking in on progress.

    Lupron and seizures

    Had my 30-day injection of Lupron and within 24 hours experienced a total seizure with instant loss of consciousnesses, collapsed to the floor out cold. 9-1-1 call and ride to hospital.

    Is this common, possible, unheard of?

    I’m scheduled for another injection followed by daily radiation, but am freaked out I could have another seizure, a fatal one.

    Am I an outliers or is this not uncommon for some?

    The “specialists” treating me are puzzled at best and just tell me to make whatever decision I feel is appropriate.

    And I’m in an HMO stuck with these docs.

    Would Valium before and right after the injection prevent another seizure from Lupron?

    Nutrition and Exercise

    A place to share ideas for healthy living following a prostate cancer diagnosis or treatment.

    Sex and Intimacy

    A place to talk about personal experiences with sex and intimacy. Remember – you’re welcome to suggest products, but no sales or soliciting!


    Welcome to the community! We are a community for people living with prostate cancer. Use our forums to discuss any aspect of your prostate cancer experience. Say hi to our community advocates below!

Viewing 14 topics - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)