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  • All things ED (erectile dysfunction)

    A place to discuss problems with ED and any other sexual side effects.

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    Memory and cognitive issues

    Do you have problems with memory, brain fog, or other cognitive side effects? Share in this forum!

    Let others know what these side effects are like for you in daily life, and any tips for dealing with them.

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    Depression: For those battling depression and prostate cancer

    A forum to discuss depression related to prostate cancer. Depression is not uncommon for those with prostate cancer and can be triggered by the diagnosis, by physical and sexual side effects, and by treatments such as ADT (hormone therapy).

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    Depression: Have you used anti-depressants or other medications?

    A forum to discuss anti-depressants for prostate cancer-related depression – commonly triggered by diagnosis and treatment side effects. What has been your experience with anti-depressants? Do you have any tips to share?

    Privacy: all forums are anonymous – only your username and any profile picture you’ve uploaded will be visible to others.

    My husband just diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer

    Aggressive prostate cancer? #9 on the Gleason score. What? Where do we go from here? Yes we need a CT scan and a bone scan.
    I have to say this news isn’t comforting to me, especially since our son died 2 months ago and I’m still reeling from that.
    How do I go about helping my husband through this?
    Where do we go from here?

    Not sure what to do?

    I am 61 with an elevating PSA. 2 years ago my PSA was 5.0, it continues to elevate to now 9.5. Here lies the problem. In that time period I have had 2 prostate biopsies. Both totally negative.
    Should I just be thankful it remains negative and relax, or is there something truly wrong.
    Just wondering what else to do. Thanks for all the help. Dave

    Floyd Elvis Estep Sept. 22, 1939 to Jan. 25, 2018 Ranger, West Virginia

    My father, Floyd Elvis Estep suffered from the same cancer that I have, Advanced Prostate Cancer with Extensive Bone Metastasis Stage 4, Dia. 2…he battled it bravely for 11 1/2 years…he was in severe bone pain and his mind was really falling off toward the end…he looked like a skeleton with skin wrapped around it at the end…he slipped away to be with The Lord in his own bed in his own home in January…he won his battle and went to be with The Lord Jesus Christ…he took to his bed in mid-October 2017 and never made it out…I think of him everyday, I still talk to him everyday in my battle with this terrible disease…he was so strong and brave!!!!

    Welcome to the Memory Wall

    The passing of a friend, family member, or community member is incredibly difficult, but remembering can be a powerful tool. This is a place to share any memories of those who have passed from prostate cancer. Click here and scroll down to “Start a New Topic” to post a new memory.

    Starting Conversations: Advanced Directives

    Starting conversations about end of life care can be very difficult. When is the right time to start that conversation? Who do we start the conversation with? What are the next steps after a conversation? Hearing about others experience with these talks can be helpful. Share your thoughts or ask a question below:

    Do you participate in Movember?

    Tis the season for talking about men’s health, and prostate cancer in particular. Are you growing a stache? If you can’t, are you doing something else to mark Movember? If you’ve got any pictures to share, email them to us at We’ll share them at the end of the month!

    Was I diagnosed in time?

    Now I wonder if my urologist should have acted more quickly. My PSA had always been very low, then started rising fairly rapidly about a year ago. He said it was interesting and scheduled a repeat in 6 months, which was even higher. When I asked about it, he said he would test it once more in 6 more months. Now, a year later, he finally did a biopsy, and I have a Gleason score of 7. Would I have been better off if he had done the biopsy sooner? I’m scheduled for scans in about a month so time is dragging on.

    Treatment Experiences

    Treatment choices are very personal and the result of hundreds of important considerations. Share your experiences with prostate cancer treatment.


    We’ve been hearing a lot about goal setting in our community. A lot of guys use goals to stay motivated and positive. This forum is for sharing goals and checking in on progress.

    Lupron and seizures

    Had my 30-day injection of Lupron and within 24 hours experienced a total seizure with instant loss of consciousnesses, collapsed to the floor out cold. 9-1-1 call and ride to hospital.

    Is this common, possible, unheard of?

    I’m scheduled for another injection followed by daily radiation, but am freaked out I could have another seizure, a fatal one.

    Am I an outliers or is this not uncommon for some?

    The “specialists” treating me are puzzled at best and just tell me to make whatever decision I feel is appropriate.

    And I’m in an HMO stuck with these docs.

    Would Valium before and right after the injection prevent another seizure from Lupron?

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