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Rethinking the Southern Diet

Good day everyone. While the southern diet typically represents some of the best food on the planet, it may not be the best for us. So, when it comes to prostate cancer and diet, you may want to watch what you eat. Take a few minutes and check out this video.

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  • Dennis Golden moderator
    1 week ago

    Enjoyed your video and agree that watching your diet is important on many levels. If you look at cancer trends worldwide there are fewer cases of prostate cancer in those nations where the consumption of beef and dairy products are lower.

    Is it just a coincidence or is there something to diet and cancer? Many meat and dairy products have been heavily treated with hormones and antibiotics. And while the additives can produce plumper chickens and healthier animals we are putting those ingredients into our bodies at ever increasing levels.

    I suspect it’s not best to throw caution to the wind when it comes to what is on our plates and on our forks. … Dennis( Team)

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