Alfred Samuels

Last updated: April 2023

”ProstateIn 2012, Alfred Samuels' life was drastically changed by an untimely diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer. For over eleven years, he has lived with the disease and advocated for those unable to express themselves. Alfred's voice elicits hope, inspiration, and motivation in cancer patients and has become the voice for those unable to speak for themselves.

He is determined to break down barriers to engagement among the Black British community and is a strong believer in peer-to-peer advocacy. And it is this aspect of advocacy work that drives him the most. He says: “There have been many highlights along the way, but perhaps the most notable has been helping to reduce the stigma around cancer that has long been an issue in the Black community through raising awareness."

The two books he wrote on his experience with prostate cancer, Invincibility in the Face of Prostate Cancer: Coming Out the Other Side and Motivated to Inspire, provide an overview and analysis of his journey. As a result of the care and treatment he received, these books dealt with his journey over several years. They also dealt with his mental health, physical incapacity, and the side effects of the treatment he received.

Alfred has enjoyed working with different cancer stakeholder groups for eleven years. He has worked on a wide range of topics including health inequality, diversity in clinical trials, lay review, and PPI. In 2019, he was named Ambassador of the Year by Cancer Research UK for his voluntary work.

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