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By BrianM.Green - April 20, 2018
Heart healthy? For men with prostate cancer and cardiovascular comorbidities, some prostate cancer treatments, such as hormone therapy, can negatively impact cardiovascular health. Hormone therapy complicates cardiovascular picture Evidence suggests that androgen... READ MORE

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By NaborPoduje - April 13, 2018
Just diagnosed with prostate cancer (about 2 weeks ago) according to biopsy is very small. MRI coming in two weeks, my urologist and my oncologist give me several options….. surgery, or radiotherapy……... READ MORE

By Ronrubman - April 12, 2018
Last October I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I had a PSA of 6.6. The ultrasound and biopsy verified my worst thoughts. This diagnosis led to depression and anxiety. I was referred... READ MORE

By mikedaulbaugh - April 4, 2018
I was diagnosed at 46 years old. Prior to diagnosis, I had blood in my urine periodically, urinary incontinence (mild), and some other symptoms. I was told over and over again that... READ MORE

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