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By Nick Myers - March 13, 2018
Lately, I’ve been reading a lot more about the dreaded DRE – Digital Rectal Exam.  While I understand that guys feel uncomfortable with the exam and some doctors say, it’s not necessary,... READ MORE

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2 Answers Submitted By ninaw - January 5, 2018

What should someone newly diagnosed with prostate cancer know? What are the next steps after diagnosis?

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By Katy1 - February 22, 2018
I went for my annual physical in 2015. Things were fine. Got my PSA back about two weeks later. I needed to call my Dr. – had a PSA 4.8 (was 3... READ MORE

By Tnewman - February 18, 2018
My story is a family one. In December of 2016, my brother had a PSA of 8.9. A biopsy showed a Gleason score of 9 and a prostatectomy found cancer has already... READ MORE

By RonHarvey - February 11, 2018
Never had a bad PSA, just an enlarged prostate that I was being medicated for. I asked my urologist for a TURP procedure (prostate scraping) and had it done in May of... READ MORE

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