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Profile picture of Richard Faust

Richard Faust commented on the post, The Journey Continues: Life After Prostate Cancer 1 week ago

Hi Len. The stats on how men made their treatment decisions jumped out at me also. I haven’t seen the actual wording of the question or study design, but one thing I wondered was whether people could choose only one or more than one response. I noticed that the three responses mentioned (efficacy, potential side effects, and recommendations from a…

Profile picture of Len Smith

Len Smith commented on the post, Mental Health Month 2019 1 week, 4 days ago

Depression is a tough health condition. My first civilian job after I was discharged from the Army in 1970 was selling pharmaceutical drugs for Pfizer. And the top priority drug was a new antidepressant, which I somehow nailed. But I sat in psychiatrists offices with their patients waiting to see the doctor. And I had a major psychiatric…

Profile picture of Potsy112

Potsy112 commented a story 2 weeks ago

It’s really to bad when doctor’s have gone from caring humans to loosing sight that their patients are terrified and need information. What may be routine for doctor and there staff is not routine for the scared patient.
I agree you are your best advocate and that you need to press and insist on answers even if doctor or staff get irritated.…

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