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Last updated: January 2021

Prostate Cancer Community Advocate Denny GoldenMy wife of 43 years, Julie, and I currently live in Salem, Oregon along with our Aussie shepherd, Jazz. Cancer coming into our lives gave us a whole new intimacy and understanding of each other. Despite having to deal with her stroke, Julie has been my rock.

I was diagnosed with T2b prostate cancer in 2019 at age 73. After going through the initial shock and a mountain of research, I chose 28 sessions of radiation and 6 months ADT. I finished treatment 4 months ago and can look forward to a routine of quarterly PSA checks to determine the success of the treatment.

During this journey, I became aware patients need more help in understanding how they will be affected by the treatment and how to deal with the effects. I learned that there is more that can be done to help men on ADT preserve sexual function. So I am now on a mission to make changes where I can to educate and support other men, am a volunteer peer support advocate at the Salem Cancer Institute, active on several forums, and continue to look for more ways to help.

Before retirement, I worked with XEROX engineering and then sales and customer training. Before that, a stint in the USAF as a Mandarin Chinese crypto linguist and an assortment of college jobs. Julie and I have a wide range of interests and hopefully, the medical excitement is over and we will get back to doing

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