Tom Sheppard

Last updated: February 2020

”ProstateTom was previously an advocate on
"The biopsy came back. You have prostate cancer."

Tom Sheppard at age 76 considers himself one of the lucky ones. He says he is in pretty good shape for the shape he is in. The Parkinson’s has been slow progressing and the prostate cancer seems to have taken a break. He deals with other chronic health issues but continues to feel good. He exercises intensely. He has taken an active role in his local Parkinson’s community and has written about his experience of living life with PD.

Over the last few years he been so busy with the Parkinson’s life that he almost forgot. It only recently dawned on him that maybe he needs to put some effort into learning more about this nasty thing called metastatic prostate cancer. After 2 radiation series and dally medication his PSA has been 0.00 for 14 months. However research and the oncologist say chances are it is still lurking undetected. So here goes another learning process to prepare for that coming battle.

His message is this: worship your care partner, research, socialize, exercise, give back, and do it all as intensely as you can for as long as you can.

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