Tony Collier

”ProstateI’m Tony, born in 1957 and diagnosed in May 2017 aged 60. I live South of Manchester in the UK and I’m an ambassador, awareness speaker and fundraiser for Prostate Cancer UK. I’m married to the amazing Tracey and have been since 1980. We have two children Matthew & Stevie, a Daughter in law Ruth and two Grandchildren Ethan and Finn who I absolutely dote on. Professionally I’m now a semi-retired former owner of a Chartered Accountants practice now working for the practice as a consultant.

My headline story is that I went from training for an ultra marathon to terminally ill in 36 hours! My runners groin strain turned out to be prostate cancer that was in the pelvic bone causing stress fractures. I discovered that the cancer was in my skeleton pretty much everywhere from pelvis to skull.

A worst case prognosis of two years was a real shock but I was even more shocked when I discovered that if I’d requested a PSA blood test every year from age 50 I could have had curative treatment. If only I’d known! Now it’s my mission to make sure other men know.

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