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How Does Your Prostate Cancer Experience Compare to Others?

Last updated: July 2022

We recently conducted our Prostate Cancer In America Survey, where people shared their experiences with prostate cancer. Explore the survey results below to see what we learned about the community’s experiences, ranging from sex to depression to quality of care.

How is your community living?

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What percentage of respondents are satisfied with their quality of life?

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How many respondents have experienced erectile dysfunction?

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Depression can sometimes accompany prostate cancer. What percentage of respondents have experienced depression?

How about interactions with healthcare professionals?

How does the community feel about talking with healthcare professionals? Test your knowledge below.

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Out of those who have experienced depression, how many have talked to a healthcare professional about it?

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Most respondents were nervous when first discussing treatment options. How many felt supported by their healthcare professional?

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What is the most commonly seen healthcare professional for managing prostate cancer?

Share your experiences

We have learned a lot about the community and how you live with prostate cancer. Tell us in the comments below what you learned and how your experiences compare to the findings.

The 4th Prostate Cancer In America Survey was conducted online from January 2022 through April 2022. The survey was completed by 765 people.

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