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I’m Here. How Can I Help? 5 Ways to Be Supportive

There’s a lot of pressure and misunderstanding about mental health. Knowing what to say and do can be tricky. You can be a positive force for friends and loved ones by checking in about mental and emotional wellbeing. Here are five tips for navigating these conversations.

5 Ways To Be Supportive Checklist

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  • DDahl
    2 months ago

    The things one goes through with prostrate cancer treatment will certainly cause some depression and anxiety. With Radiation treatments and Lupron shots my energy levels are decreased by at least 50%. The enlarged breasts and lack of libido are there also. I have gained some prolong of life but the price has been high.

  • ninaw moderator
    2 months ago

    @DDahl, you sound unfortunately like a lot of folks who’ve posted here. The loss of energy is often mentioned and I’ve yet to hear a really good option for combatting it. Maybe a matter of acceptance and napping? The price is high indeed. This article talks about the decisions men have to make and the balance between treatment and quality of life: I also wanted to call your attention to this link to the Community page: Feel free to check out the recent activity and comment back to others. – Nina, Team

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