Broccoli and Prostate Cancer

Last updated: October 2022

I do all my father’s grocery shopping now, not because he’s sick, but because he’s almost 90. On one of my weekly shopping trips, I coincidently bumped into an old friend. Her cart was loaded down with green veggies and a ton of broccoli. Just exaggerating, but yeah that was quite a bit of different veggies in her cart.

Well, we hadn’t seen each other for so long, so we sat at the coffee shop on the corner and tried to catch up on each other’s lives. I knew both her and her husband from back in the day. We were all really good friends, and then life took us on different paths. I shared with her how I shaped my father's diet since his prostate cancer diagnosis. I try and buy healthy stuff for him.

Buying plenty of greens

So, there was so much to catch up on. The saddest thing I got to know about was that her husband is going through prostate cancer. But she was very optimistic about his state.

During our conversation, I started sharing with her that I buy plenty of greens for my father. It is a part of his daily diet. To my wonder, she told me that they have been trying this all-green plant-based diet. We both shared our knowledge and details of this diet, because it sounded really amazing.

I found that veggies can have health benefits. So, I decided a few years ago to try it and saw results. This even made the doctor happy about this leap of faith due to my father's diet change.

Incorporating broccoli

The green that I incorporated into his diet was broccoli. My father was getting better every day with broccoli intake in many different forms, and we believe it helped him recover fast. I made this a permanent part of his diet along with other healthy foods like salmon, tomatoes, and kale. It also helped him shed the extra weight which he gained due to hormone therapy. I was concerned that he might be at risk of developing heart disease, so I was extra cautious about his diet and food ingredients.

If you don't believe me, do research for yourself. I myself have decided to make it part of my daily meal plan for my father and myself. I mean who would skip such a full-fledged healthy and nutritious meal?

Have you considered adding broccoli to your diet?

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