Could a Carrot a Day Keep The Doctor Away?

Last updated: November 2022

Prostate cancer is a common disease among men, especially those who are 50 years and older. But believe me when I say that age is not a constant factor in this disease. Getting checked early is key.

The impact of diet

Cancer, whether prostate or any other, has multiple companion factors. Although diet may not always have a direct impact on cancer and its remission or progression, keeping a balanced diet with fresh vegetables and fruits can help in managing body weight.

Some studies have shown that overweight and obese men may be at more risk for prostate cancer.1 So, keeping fresh fruits, veggies and healthy fats can help in losing unwanted body weight. And I guess it’s not a bad way to get rid of all that extra fat.

Let's talk about carrots

Now that diet is in the discussion, let’s talk about a star diet product that is publicized for its carotene and antioxidant reservoir. Yes, that’s right: carrots.

Yes, carrots are known for their carotene treasure. However, when it comes to the research on the effect of carrots on prostate cancer, there have been different results. Some studies have shown a possible relationship between carrots and their ability to prevent or slow down prostate cancer, but others have found no link.2,3

Our overall health

Red carrots, white carrots, or any other color, it doesn’t matter. Just adding them to your food plate is a win-win in every possible way. But only eating carrots does not make you invincible. It is and can be a good addition to your fighting squad, but totally depending on this product is not enough. We all know that.

Having a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and exercise may help with the trouble and mental stress of this disease. We cannot eliminate the importance of medicinal support and doctors’ prescribed ways of fighting this disease, either. Having all the medical support is good, along with actively monitoring what goes in our gut.

Carrots can be helpful for our gut health. So knowing they can help with our overall health, and our weight, perhaps a carrot a day might just help keep the doctor away.

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