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Talking to Doctors About Different Treatment Options

Last updated: March 2023

My father got treated for prostate cancer years ago. I always keep a check on what’s the newest update in the treatment world. When we were working on his treatment plan, we had gone through a number of treatment options. These range from surgical ways to remove the cancerous cells to radioactive therapies.

Hoping for more treatments

Modern science has come a long way in the treatment of prostate cancer. As you all know, being diagnosed with prostate cancer can bring on a slew of feelings, such as unhappiness, disbelief, or fear. I like keeping up on new updates for my father’s sake. We all want to one day beam with joy when we hear the words, "we have a cure for prostate cancer." I believe that one day there will be an end to prostate cancer. Boy, we will all be jumping for joy on that day.

There are so many people out there who have tried everything and are still facing the adversity of this disease with bravery. From what I’m reading, it seems that there are new treatment options which to me can bring on a ray of hope for my father and other men as well.

Apart from this good news, I would like to highlight a few other ways which are already being used widely by practitioners. We also considered them carefully while choosing the best way for treatment plans. One is robotic prostatectomy, which is a surgical way to remove the tumorous prostate gland. Another was brachytherapy, which is a form of radiation therapy that can involve surgically implanting radioactive seeds into the prostate.1

Talking to doctors about treatments

Now we have had all the technical talk, too much of it at times. Let me tell you something about part of my father’s almost 20-year journey. I think being open to your doctor is the best thing one can do about treatment plans. Talk to your doctor and discuss every treatment option that is out there. You and your doctor can do this in detail. This can help make you more certain about your options for the future. I do my research and stay on top of any new thing coming down the pipeline.

But know that there will always be a certain percentage where you have to have faith and belief. Doctors do everything in their capacity for their patients, but the family also needs support at this critical point. Keeping a check on each other’s mental health is very important, including the person who is undergoing treatment. Mental well-being is just as important as physical health.

I share every little detail with my father’s doctors. It can be pre-treatment as well as post-treatment. I keep him updated about the progress and always consult a counselor for emotional health as well. Stay well and strong fellas.

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