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What Are Those Voices You Hear?

It doesn’t matter what we are going through in life we all have that inner voice. There are times you want to silence one and shout out the other. My friend John just heard that he has prostate cancer. At first, he chose not to hear these words but knew he had to. He knew that his inner voice was an articulation of a sound that brings forth words and feelings. His inner voice was bringing on words that were reflecting multiple meanings such as fear and belief.

What is fear?

When I look at fear, it paints this mental image of getting unwanted or unexpected news. I don't think anyone is happy to receive bad news from their doctor. Once we hear the diagnosis we freeze, and all those voices become silent around you. Fear is real and the brain is powerful. What we learn from fear is that once the brain receives the signal of fear, there is a chain reaction for every other part of our bodies to react to this news.

Fear is more than an emotion

Your diagnosis of fear can cause so many negative things to happen to your body all at once. You may become nervous and start trembling all over. It causes your stomach to become upset. Fear causes you to doubt whether healing is going to manifest. Fear causes you to cry at times and become overtaken with anxiety. These are normal reactions to hearing bad news.

We are all scared of the unknown, but as we get better educated on what is going on with our bodies, the more comfortable we will become. Fear is a natural response that our nervous system goes though because we are not sure of what is going to happen.

What is belief?

What do you believe? We all know we are the products of our environment and so much of our belief system is predicated upon how we grew up. Are you looking to a higher being? Are you believing that we have overcome many medical breakthroughs? Many have gone through treatment with ease. What voice are you hearing with your prostate cancer diagnosis? I hope it is the one saying; I will press through, be strong, brave and make the best of my situation.

Embrace the high and low moments

Are you hearing fear or belief today? Did you have an "ah-ha" moment of laughter? It's good to be positive and upbeat? Let’s focus on your health and doing what is necessary to live a long happy life. Everyone has their high and low moments but it's what the voice is telling you. That voice might be saying some scary stuff to you, making you question your diagnosis and the accuracy of it. We all know that the most difficult decisions you must make will have you moving toward joy and happiness; this is a sign that you are growing.

With concern and compassion, we need to steer clear of fear and not allow it to pull you down. Right now, the weight of the world has been put on your shoulder. We will only use the voice of powerful words of belief. Imagining is so powerful and our brain tells us we are healed, and healing will start to take place. Training yourself to hear that voice and it will become stronger and stronger. You will get to know yourself and prepare yourself for what is about to come ahead and except those changes.

You are never alone

None of us can choose most challenges that we get, but we can decide if we want to live in fear; or do we want to believe that we will have a long prosperous life. Isn’t it time you remind yourself that you are doing the best you can in your situation?

Reach out to ProstateCancer.net if you need to talk. Remember, you are never alone.

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