A man surrounded by dark clouds kneels and prays as a light shines down on him.

Feeling Protected

A major element of my treatment plan for advanced prostate cancer with extensive bone metastasis stage IV is trying to achieve a feeling of protection. My feeling of protection in my life, while I battle my affliction, derives from several sources which include spiritual and emotional.

Turning to my faith

Christianity forms the majority of my spiritual support, however I understand many individuals have various different spiritual beliefs. I truly respect each person's right to adhere to their personal spiritual faith. Personally, I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and this reliance has provided me with spiritual confidence to combat prostate cancer with its many side effects.

Through my belief in Christianity, I have garnered strength from the sincere prayers received from numerous individuals from churches, communities, counties, states, and countries. I have this trust that the Lord Jesus Christ utilized my 30-plus-year career coaching and teaching to provide me a web of people in my life to bestow upon me spiritual support during this crucial time of my life. If you have garnered this same feeling from your beliefs and religion, please let me know about it in the comment section below.

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An outpouring of support when diagnosed

I caution you not to become too caught up in the number of people that contact you at the very beginning of your cancer illness. In my experience, a great number of individuals will contact you at the onset of your cancer journey with all types of support including emotional, spiritual, and even monetary.

A former educator from my high school years warned me, “There are many at the beginning of your battle with cancer, however as it goes along, the many will dwindle. Try not to be disappointed.”

She was one of those teachers that you remember for the rest of your life. She is a caring individual that provides support to our entire community. I have obtained critical information and advice from her concerning my personal war against cancer. However, I must confess I did not believe her about all these people giving up my fight.

The level of support can change as time goes on

You must consider people have their own lives with their own personal battles, and you can’t fault them for moving on. Some folks are just the giving, caring kind, and they are on a mission to assist as many people as they can come into contact with. Count your blessings they came into your life, and understand they may have moved on to help others in need of critical assistance.

Another thing to examine is the nature of our society today. Society today is driven by the newness of things, and we quickly move on to the next thing, becoming bored with the present. So my advice is: do not take it too hard when the majority of people move on with their lives.

My family uplifts me

Emotional support during my struggle with cancer has came from my family, church, friends, and community. Never underestimate the importance of your family during hard times. Family can build you up and instill within you a feeling you can face anything that comes your way. My wife has been strong, as have my children. Rallying around me, they have made me feel very protected.

In closing, I urge you to take full advantage of every weapon at your disposal in the fight of your life. Whether it be faith, strong beliefs, family, or whatever you deem important, it may just be the difference that prolongs your life. It has been for me personally.

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