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Thinking Back, When I Was First Diagnosed

People sometimes ask me what it was like when I first found out--when I first got diagnosed...

Oh wow, that brings back the memories. So as I recount that moment I felt like I got hit by a brick back in 2007, I had a pity party for about 15-minutes with all kinds of questions going through my head like: what does this really mean? Am I going to die? Where is my family? Who will look after my things?

See I was all alone working in Northern California when I got the news, I live in Southern California, I had no family history that I know of so it was really surreal for me. But after praying on it, God gave me my answer and that was to fight, fight, and fight this cancer. So I did.

Turning this around

And as it turns out after my 42-radiation treatments and talking to every man I could trying to gain more insight on this prostate cancer, I realized I was learning all the while. Just talking, asking questions and reading about my options I gathered so much information. As a result of all that, I now have founded The Men's Cancer Network, Inc. an advocacy charitable organization.

These experiences worked out very well for me because I now have the confidence & authority to lead a cancer support group, and provide vital info on prostate cancer and other cancers to others in my community since 2008.

Wow, I just think to myself sometimes, if I had not been diagnosed with prostate cancer this would have never happened. I feel very blessed and happy to share information, insights, enlightenment, and encouragement through cancer support group meetings, and presentations on prostate cancer and other cancers men will face.

This is just part of my story.

Diagnosis is just a part of your journey

So guys whatever your reaction is to first getting diagnosed, it’s yours, okay? No one wants to claim prostate cancer, but it is a thing that you have to deal with when you are diagnosed. Prostate cancer lays its claim on men everywhere, so guys you are not alone. If you have others in your life, be thankful you have support from a wife or a caring team be it relatives, friends, co-workers, and even from folks who don't even know you okay.

But there's GOOD NEWS in all of this. And that is CANCER IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE ANYMORE, and hasn't been for about 20-years now. Prostate cancer research is evolving like never before, helping us maintain our issues to continue life as we know it. Keeping a positive mental attitude as we process being diagnosed can help go a long way to a better outcome. Get informed about this issue of prostate cancer. Learn all you can to make life better for you and your family, doing so will help you make better informed decisions as you move forward.

Cancer sucks, but we can handle it guys, WITH HELP of course.

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