Finding Hope With Prostate Cancer and Exploring Different Treatment Options

Last updated: November 2022

Getting to know that my father was suffering from prostate cancer made the world seem fuzzy. I could not take this news, but I had to stay calm to ensure him that I was not panicking. I had to be his support during this tough time.

It was a great relief that we got to know about this in a timely manner. I have always seen my father getting himself checked up every 6 months at least. This early diagnosis was due to active surveillance. He was always very cautious and knew that getting checked was the key.

Reviewing multiple treatment options

We took opinions from multiple doctors, and it was a very hopeful sign that we had multiple treatment options available. We had an option to keep it under surveillance for some more time. While being in that, we could try a well-managed diet plan involving greens and fish.

The other plan was to directly go for prostatectomy to remove the tumor. Other than that, we had options of hormone therapy as well.

We had all the options and enough time to make an informed decision to get rid of it in time. We talked to multiple practitioners and even people who went through different modes of treatment. After doing all the homework, we decided to undergo prostatectomy, as we felt it had less recovery time and was the safest option for this stage.

Undergoing treatment

Apart from that, he went under MRIs, CT-Scans, and DRE to get a complete overview of his state. His medical team was very supportive and cautious, too. They all made sure that they were not missing out on anything. They even checked his complete family history to ensure his safety during surgery. They still took all the precautions to make sure he would be alright while being in the surgery.

This was all we could have done before he went to the surgery room. He came out safe; surgery went successful, thanks to his team of doctors.


Now the actual work started with his recovery and therapy to help his temporary erectile and bladder dysfunction. It is part of the recovery, so we made sure everything was aligned with his food, along with medicines, therapy, and overall physical health.

I switched his meals with green soups, fresh vegetables, salmon, omega-3 intake, and nutritional supplements, along with a daily walking routine as well. He wasn’t too happy about this. He grew up on a farm, so he ate everything under the sun.

Making an informed decision

Prostate cancer treatments and their success can depend on a lot of factors. Make sure that you make an informed decision about your choice of treatment. I think the rest lies in the hands of God and doctors.

Men, get checked early.

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