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How Important Is It to be Part of a Community?

I have asked myself this question a few times. I am on several social media sites; just because I can be. Sometimes I feel like I get swallowed up with trying to tell the world about me and what I’m doing that day. Most of the time we see the good things that people are going through, but what about the bad and sad things? It’s okay to share your wonderful family pictures with the great food you are having. I often do this myself, but what about the days your family isn’t there for you or having dinner with you.

What does real life look like?

I loved seeing people’s accomplishments, connecting with old friends and sharing good things. Do you understand there are people out there who rarely have good days and are reluctant to even talk about it with people on social media? They are alone.

What about the person who wakes up every day in pain or the person that just got diagnosed with a disease and doesn’t know where to turn? They just want someone to listen to them today. Where would their pain come in at? Do they post before the family picture’s, or after the cute pet or in between that picture-perfect food?


I’m part of a community at Health Union. It is one of the best sites I have come across in years. It has several different health platforms, but has been an eye-opener for me. They have given me a wealth of information to share with others on this subject. See, my father got prostate cancer at the age of 72 and I didn’t have a clue as to all he had to endure before coming to this site.

I have been so inspired by this site and the people that are brought together and encourage each other on every level. Many people have said they wouldn’t know where to turn if they had not found this site.

We're here for each other

I just want everyone to realize we’re not all having a good day. Sometimes we’re not concern about how many calories you consume or your new outfit. I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but maybe I just found out something that will change my life forever.

In this community we talk about our feelings and what it’s like to have a disease that can change you, but also the effects it has on our family. We talk about things that make me blush. We talk about treatments, options, and what other people have gone through.

I like being a part of this community because so many of us have built a strong bond and we’re always there for each other. Nothing is off limits and long as it’s said respectively. We talk about things that no one wants to discuss in the outside world. My father is now 84 and has had 2 types of cancers. He thinks I’m a genius because I can discuss things with him that I didn’t have a clue about in the beginning.

A community for you

We share our happiness and our sadness. That’s what a community is all about. If you want to keep it “real”, stop on by. There are communities for a variety of different conditions and diseases --,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and more to come.

Come on by and check out what real communities are all about. We very seldom tell you what we had for dinner, but that’s okay. We just decided to talk about real issues today.

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