Leave Your Cares Behind

What do you do when you leave the hospital? You are done with your treatment and have left the hospital to face many things. It is time to heal. We must begin to treat our whole self. I’m a firm believer that if one thing is wrong in the body, it will affect the whole body. This is just me saying this.

Where do I begin to fix the whole me?  I am a caregiver for my father. He had eight weeks of radiation treatment for his prostate cancer. He had to come to a place of emotional healing. Going through radiation took a toll on him.

Learning to heal

It would be good to just spend some time loving yourself, meditating, and being thankful - you made it through treatment. Inner healing is so important. It is extremely hard for the physical body to heal when we are not emotionally balanced. We must eliminate stress. This is now the time to not let bills or family put you in a stressed-out place. You do not need this.

It is time to remove any anger, un-forgiveness toward anyone. All of these negative things will impact your healing process. I like a quote that was said by Albert Schweitzer “The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives”. This quote is so powerful because so many allow themselves to emotionally give up. Now is the time to live.

Live for the moment

With any post-treatment, it's always good to make a mental evaluation of yourself. Limit yourself in doing things around the house. Get plenty of rest, drink your water and eat your 3 meals a day. I believe we can keep it simple and have a rewarding outcome. Keep doing what you enjoy. Hobbies are great when we are recovering. It can be listening to your favorite musician, writing in your journal, watching sports on TV.

Healing the whole man takes time and it is worth it and so are you. Our objective is in inner healing for a new you. Once you are fully healed you can start to find your new normal. You have worked diligently on your emotional and mental health. Continue to follow up with your doctor for post care treatment. Follow the doctor's instructions and live your life to the fullest.

Survivorship takes many forms

You are a survivor. I personally salute every cancer survivor. My father is a two-time cancer survivor. He rested, mediated, and took the time to make sure he was complete in healing for the whole person. Healing is an inside job. As we take this journey just know that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. They have magnificent healing capacity. The body is always healing itself. Let’s walk in the newness of being well. Why? You are a survivor and you have made it this far. Continue to love yourself enough to live life to the fullest. There is always a root to sickness as well as a root to healing.

Cancer is serious personal business and is different for every person it affects. Cancer research in recent years has yielded astonishing treatment options and methods. Keep smiling, it lights up the world.

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