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Last updated: February 2022

Many a person in my shoes, suffering from advanced prostate cancer with extensive bone metastasis Stage 4, are very concerned with the continuing status of their life insurance policies.

Looking out for family

Not much else tops the list of our day-to-day worries like maintaining our life insurance plan securing your family’s future. Any type of end-of-life policy, along with a full life insurance policy, are only the bare minimum for us fellows with terminal cancer.

The main uneasiness weighing constantly on my mind is pondering, "What will my family do and how will my family get by after I pass? How will they meet the day-to-day costs of living, how will they be able to pay the monthly bills, and who will protect them the rest of their lives?” All good credible concerns with which one might spend a lot of personal time grieving over.

Life insurance and prostate cancer

My cancer diagnosis caught me off guard and relatively unprepared in terms of my life insurance policies. At that time, I had only a tiny self life insurance policy of $10,000 and a more comprehensive policy that would pay out $100,000 total in the event that I passed.

Just prior to being diagnosed with my cancer, I had filled out and signed a supplemental policy for just such health issues as cancer, however I just left those papers lying around the house and never turned them into the insurance agent that worked our particular school.

Once one is diagnosed with cancer, there is little recourse or opportunity to improve your life insurance policies, and it is folly to dream one could purchase a new policy.

Falling upon deaf ears

During the early days of living with cancer, I spent many an evening and night trying to figure a way to add more life insurance to my estate. A great many conversations and phone calls fell upon deaf ears as I was constantly and continually denied.

The Lord blessed me one week when I was graced with a tiny end-of-life insurance policy. The policy was not much in the grand scheme of things, but would provide a little financial relief from my passing. I have struggled monthly to pay the exorbitant premium.

Another poor outcome

Since my oncologist and family physician removed me from the SSD 9-month Trial Work Period (TWP), I have not heard anything at all concerning my monthly premium payment. Checking the PEIA website, I am not even sure if I still have the tiny $10,000 end-of-life policy or the $100,000 term life insurance policy.

Calling and emailing the local board of education many times, I have received no help in the matter. I was told to call the service people at the PEIA offices. A difficult task in the middle of the current COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.

I check the PEIA website daily to see if the premiums have posted and are due. As of now, no luck on the matter, and I chalk it up to another terrible outcome of the attempted SSD 9-month Trial Work Period.

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