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Living With and Finding Strength

Every chronic and life-threatening condition comes with its own symptoms and challenges. And while each person's experience is unique, there is wisdom to be found in learning how others have faced their challenges and found strength to continue.

For our 50th episode, hear how several of our contributors have found strength as they face incredible challenges:

  • Will Jones (ProstateCancer.net)
  • Abigail Johnston (AdvancedBreastCancer.net)
  • Wren Vandever (RheumatoidArthritis.net)
  • Angela and Karl Robb (ParkinsonsDisease.net)
  • Lorene Alba (Asthma.net)
  • Jed Finley (AnkylosingSpondylitis.net and AxialSpondyloarthritis.net)
  • Diane Talbert (PlaquePsoriasis.com and Psoriatic-Arthritis.com)

Living With is a podcast by Health Union that explores what it is like to live with a chronic condition. Contributors to Health Union communities share how they cope with trying symptoms and treatments, as well as how their daily lives are impacted by their health conditions. Their courage and resilience are inspiring, offering wisdom that transcends dealing with health issues and gives insight on how best to deal with any kind of challenge.

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